EP48_Setting Healthy Boundaries_Tanna Marshall

Tanna Marshall is an Author, Intuitive, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Experienced EFT Practitioner and Founder of Infinite Woman, a feminine community supporting, inspiring, and empowering like-minded women through programs and events. Tanna loves helping busy, stressed-out women set healthy boundaries so they have more time, energy and money for the things they find fun and fulfilling – with programs like Overcoming Nice Girl Syndrome and the new, upcoming program in 2023 – Energetic Boundaries for Your Spiritual Growth. Free Gift on my website – https://tannamarshall.com/ Manifest Anything You Want: Ten Easy Steps to Create a Fabulous, Abundant Life – Tanna shares how she healed herself of lupus, attracted the man of her dreams, fulfilling work she loves and an amazing life – and how you can do the same!

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