Ep46: high her self Method, Ayurveda & Women’s Health

Harmony is an Ayurveda and Women’s health practitioner & the founder of the Ayurveda Alchemist Academy. She is also a registered nurse with more than 17 yrs experience in the health & wellness industry. Her mission is to bridge the gap between eastern & western medicine. As the founder of the HigHERself ™ Method, she takes a unique approach to support women to reclaim their health, balance their hormones, & breakthrough burnout so that they can wake up energised, symptom-free, and feel confident in their mind & body. Her higHERself™ method is also the backbone of her signature accredited certification program, Ayurveda Alchemist, which certifies you to become an Ayurveda health & wellness coach. Whether you personally want to optimise your health or whether you want to amplify your health & wellness business by creating more impact & becoming the high-level practitioner you know you can be, Harmony will help you step into your higHERself™️ & live the life you were meant for. Harmony is also the host of a very popular Health & Wellness Podcast called Harmony Inspired Health. She is a twin mum to two beautiful boys, a yoga teacher and a self-confessed chai latte enthusiast. FREE GIFT OPTIONS: https://www.harmonyinspiredhealth.com.au/freebies/ 1. Ayurveda masterclass 2. Ayurveda dosha quiz 3. Dharma Journal

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