Ep39: Emotional Freedom Technique – Jennifer Moore

Supporting intuitives, lightworkers, and creatives to use their abilities for good, Jennifer Moore, is passionate about helping high sensitive, empathic women. As one of 21 of the United States’ 21 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) International Master Trainers and a mentor and healer, she has made her way to the Amazon Bestseller list as the author of Empathic Mastery. Along with this, she hosts a must-listen podcast The Empathic Mastery Show. Intuitive from the get-go, Jennifer experienced her first prophetic dream when she was just 9 years old and has been navigating her extrasensory awareness ever since. https://empathicmastery.com/quiz/ FREE FB Group: https://modern-medicine-lady-llc.ck.page/a587c1f65a All Podcast Episodes are at https://SoulofAnEmpath.com. Working with Tiffany: Https://HighlyPerceptivePeopleAcademy.com.

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