Ep 40: Rapid Transformation and Maintainable Results

Matt Travis is a Rapid Transformation Therapy practitioner and High-Performance Mental Fitness Coach who runs an online company called The Potential-U. He helps women entrepreneurs & coaches breakthrough business and life plateaus by transforming their subconscious mind to release the mental, physical and emotional baggage that is stopping them from achieving and maintaining their success results. After earning his Masters of Science in 2011, Matt continued his professional growth journey becoming a Rapid Transformation Therapy practitioner, Mental Fitness Coach, Certified Functional Strength Coach, Precision Nutrition Pro Coach, Wildfit Nutrition Coach, and Functional Movement Specialist. He lives in Massachusetts with his amazing wife and two young boys. FREE GIFT: https://www.forevertransformation.com/align-your-mind-with-your-health-plan-design Check out all podcast episodes at https://SoulofAnEmpath.com. Learn more about Tiffany at https://HighlyPerceptivePeopleAcademy.com.

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