Ep. 27: Prenatal Intuition, Connection and Spiritual Wisdom

Through the Law of Attraction and an understanding of how powerful a manifestation mindset and a strong spiritual foundation can be, Jill has created a life for herself that is filled with peace and joy every day. Her passion in life is to help others attain the same. Jill is an intuitive guide and uses channeling and intuitive coaching to help her clients navigate through some of life’s biggest challenges. She is a prenatal medium and connects expecting parents and parents that are adopting with the souls of their babies. This exciting connection helps the parent/child bond begin even before the physical connection begins. In addition to her readings, Jill runs Rise UP n Shine with her business partner Tiffany Kiefer. Jill and Tiffany are manifestation coaches and help others create the lives they desire and deserve through Meetups, retreats, programs, and private coaching. Tiffany and Jill are both award-winning speakers and published authors. Jill is offering a 30-minute intuitive guidance session. This is a $75 value. https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=19121863&appointmentType=22548195 For more information about Tiffany Cano, go to https://HighlyPerceptivePeopleAcademy.com & https://SoulofAnEmpath.com.

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