Toxins are everywhere and impacting our health and the health of our children. Eliminate the toxins now and don’t wait until you get sick and tired.” She adds, “It’s all about toxic load. Each toxin that is eliminated is one step closer to health.” Cheryl Meyer has autoimmune disease. She eliminated toxins and reversed her pain. Cheryl has a BA from UC-Berkeley and is a health coach from IIN. Cheryl is an award-winning author, international bestseller, health coach, speaker, local tv host and guest podcaster. Her book, It Feels Good to Feel Good, Learn to Eliminate Toxins, Reduce Inflammation and Feel Great Again has won 14 awards. Feeling Good Living Low Toxin in Community and Everyday Life recently published May 2020. Victory Log and Gratitude Journal to Celebrate your health achievements. Stress- 2 Minute Exercises to Release it Throughout the Day,a desktop guide. Her own publishing company Heavenlytreepress.. Cheryl has her own podcast May 2020 on RHG TV/Voice America. It Feels Good to Feel Good, Futureproof your Health. She also has a local TV show on Community Television in Monrovia, CA on KGEM. Cheryl specifically works with clients with chronic illness giving them hope and helping them find solutions. It is never too late to start healthy habits. Cheryl encourages you to listen to your body and to own your own health. Cheryl is a sought after speaker on toxins and has participated in 17 on line summits. Her dream, now that her books are published, is to speak to large groups of women to inspire them to clean up how they eat and shop, and to raise healthier children. A former corporate executive and solopreneur, she also loves to talk about chronic/toxic stress control to improve employee productivity and lower health issues that impact company insurance rates. Now that she has completed her books and has started her podcast, Cheryl is actively coaching others one on one via Zoom. She coaches heart to heart. </p><p>FREE GIFT: 20 Signs You are Not as Healthy As You Think: </p><p>For access to more of Tiffany Cano’s Soul of An Empath Episodes, go to </p><p>If you want more information about Healer and Clairvoyant, Tiffany Cano, please go to

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