Ep. 13: Turning a Bad Day Into a Great One with Your Unconscious Mind

Today’s Guest in Tiffany Cano’s Soul of An Empath Podcast is Aryana Rollins. She helps sensitive people on a spiritual path be effective in making a living and live from their heart so they can manifest their intentions –personally, professionally, and spiritually. Aryana is an internationally recognized facilitator of the Cybernetic Transposition processes. With a professional background of management consulting in Europe and South America and a Psychology degree from Rutgers, she combines her experience, intuition, and extensive personal development knowledge to teach her clients how to remove their invisible barriers to fulfillment. Aryana’s Free Gift: https://tiffanyc–highertrueself.thrivecart.com/manifesting-guide-sample/ Check out all podcast episodes at https://SoulofAnEmpath.com Tiffany’s Healing Website: https://HighlyPerceptivePeopleAcademy.com

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