Ep.1: Soul Aligned Coaching with Rae Irelan

Today’s guest on Tiffany Cano’s Soul of An Empath Podcast is Rae Irelan.

Rae is an internationally acclaimed artist, speaker, mentor, and entrepreneur with the mission to bridge conscious culture and business to catalyze positive transformation in personal growth, human and business development, and healing of global trauma. Founder & CEO of The Global Goddess Fest, Rae coaches high level entrepreneurs, leaders, and creatives to pioneer new ways of business and relating.  Rae supports her clients through the stages of human transformation while developing conscious business and global impact.  She has performed and spoken in front of audiences of over 10,000+ people at venues like Pepsi Amphitheater to the National Center of Performing Arts in Mumbai sharing stages with Jason Mraz, Emancipator, Trevor Hall, Ayla Nereo, and many more.  She has recorded multiple albums, toured internationally, been seen on TV and film, nominated and taken home multiple music awards, produced multiple theater shows and festivals, has been published in books, magazines, articles, doctoral papers and now is writing her first book to come out 2021!

*** Be sure to participate in the Guided Meditation to get clarity on your life from your “future Self.” It is fantastic and very blissful!

Rae also talks about how:

– She helps with sacred sexy sales.

– She transitioned from a darker time in her life, partially due to being so sensitive as a empath.

– Her song that brings in the protection of the Universe and the Earth.

– She loves to play in the “Vision” Space for greater connection and fulfillment.

– She helps you to have clarity, be calm and centered so that you can hear the messages and trust them.

Rae’s Free Gift: Free Soulful Strategy Call: https://calendly.com/bookraeirelan/now





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